Konica KM1024i SHE 6PL Printhead

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Konica KM1024i SHE 6PL printhead
Printer Compatibility:
Agfa: Anapurna 100, Anapurna H2500i LED, Anapurna M2050i, Anapurna M2500i, Anapurna M3200i
Allwin: S320UV, S500UV, UVT 2030, UVT 2512, UVT+ 2030, UVT+ 2512
Docan: H1000
Flora: HJ 5000UV
Human Digital Technology: M-JET
IIJ: ColourPrint-72
JHF Vista: R3300, R6000, V300UV, V500UV
Optimum Digital: KR Hybrid UV
Skyjet: FT2512i, FT3020i
Remarks: Original

Environmentally-considerate Approved Green Product
The Konica Minolta KM1024i SHE printhead incorporates only approximately one-third of the petroleum-derived materials and toxic chemicals used in the current KM1024 Series. In addition, the nozzle unit surface area is the same as that of the KM1024 Series.


Technology  Piezo Drop On-Demand
Tot. Amount of Nozzles  1024 (256 nozzles per line)
Native Resolution  360 dpi
Cal. Droplet Size  6 pl
Max. Drops in Greyscale  8 drops
Print Width  72 mm
Typical Firing Frequency  50 Khz
Max Firing Frequency  60 kHz
Ink Compatibility  UV Inks
Heater  integrated
Dimensions  W131mm x D18mm x H94mm
Weight  Approx. 150g

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