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Print head On-demand Piezo head (180 nozzles x 8 lines) x 4 heads
Maximum print width JV5-130: 136 cm
JV5-160: 162 cm
JV5-320: 325 cm
Printing resolutions 540, 720, 1440 dpi
Ink type Exclusive inks: HS ink, ES3 ink
Ink capacity 6-color mode: 440 cc cartridge x 2/color, 880 cc/color
4-color mode: 440 cc cartridge x 4/color, 1760 cc/color
Media Size JV5-130: 21-137 cm
JV5-160: 21-162 cm
JV5-320: 21-330 cm
Roll weight JV5-130: Max. 38 kg (standard), Max. 130 kg with AMF (optional)
JV5-160: Max. 38 kg (standard), Max. 130 kg with AMF (optional)
JV5-320: Max. 130 kg
Roll inside diameter JV5-130: 2 or 3 inch
JV5-160: 2 or 3 inch
JV5-320: 3 inch
Media heater Triple stage intelligent heater (pre/print/post)
Nozzle checking unit Laser system (class 1 or below)
Interface USB 2.0
Power consumption 3,600 VA or below (JV5-320: 7,200 VA or below)
Dimensions (w x d x h) JV5-130: 286 cm x 105 cm x 154 cm
JV5-160: 312 cm x 105 cm x 154 cm
JV5-320: 517 cm x 161 cm x 164 cm
Weight JV5-130: 324 kg
JV5-160: 333 kg
JV5-320: 1200 kg


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